Bashful Baby was founded by Gina Sandor after becoming a first time mom in 2021 to her son, Sebastian. Every day (and many sleepless nights!) Gina read every new mom resource she could find in order to figure out the best way to take care of her little guy. She also ordered every baby gadget and type of clothing you can imagine (just ask her husband). After testing a variety of types of baby clothing (many of which were difficult to take on and off, and felt uncomfortable) and a lot of Research. Gina opened her eyes to bamboo viscose fabric. Bamboo viscose is incredibly soft, very gentle, will keep your babies bodies cool in the summer and warm in the winter, hypoallergenic and eco-friendly. Sebastian grew at a rapid rate which had us constantly having to purchase new sleepwear. Once Gina discovered Bamboo Viscose she noticed everything fit Sebastian 3X longer. The material is ultra-stretchy! It even remained soft and stretchy after several washes. That was the point of no return for her! Every other fabric felt rough, stiff and irritating to her son. When Bash got a little older, her creative juices started to flow again and she decided to apply her design background towards developing a new brand of bamboo fabric clothing for children. After some tinkering and noodling, Bashful Baby – a clever nod to our baby boy Bash - was born. Our mission at Bashful Baby is to design super stylish, comfortable outfits for children with the highest quality bamboo viscose fabric! We hope you enjoy what our products have to offer!